restricted access   Volume 79, Number 4, Autumn 2012

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Environmental Histories of the Mid-Atlantic

Environmental Histories of the Mid-Atlantic: An Introduction

pp. 327-330

The Changing Nature of Environmental History: An Interview with Joel A. Tarr

pp. 331-344

New Perspectives on the Environmental History of the Mid-Atlantic

Changes in the Genre: A Brief Survey of Early Mid-Atlantic Environmental Histories

pp. 345-356

The Rise of Environmental Tourism

pp. 357-365

Environmental History of the Susquehanna Valley Around the Time of European Contact

pp. 366-376

The Legacy of Extraction: Reading Patterns and Ethics in Pennsylvania’s Landscape of Energy

pp. 377-394

“Visit My Community”: The Need to Extend Environmental Justice to the Countryside

pp. 395-408

“Typically American”: Trends in the History of Environmental Politics and Policy in the Mid-Atlantic Region

pp. 409-427

Dirt in the City: Urban Environmental History in the Mid-Atlantic

pp. 428-439

Mind over Matter: Social Justice, the Body, and Environmental History

pp. 440-450

Farm Boundaries as Agroecological Systems

pp. 451-462

New Paths Toward a History of Pennsylvania Outdoor Recreation

pp. 463-472

Teaching the Environmental History of the Mid-Atlantic

Using the Environmental History of the Commonwealth to Enhance Pennsylvania and U.S. History Courses

pp. 473-494

From Seed Men to Bird Women: Pennsylvanians and the Environment

pp. 495-506

Resurrecting the Story of the Passenger Pigeon in Pennsylvania

pp. 507-519

The Teacher and the Forest: The Pennsylvania Forestry Association, George Perkins Marsh, and the Origins of Conservation Education

pp. 520-536

Environmental Policy: New Research, New Sources, and New Directions

“Archival Power” and the Future of Environmental Movement History

pp. 537-549

How to Make History Matter: The Maurice K. Goddard Legacy Project

pp. 550-565


pp. 566-570