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On Vulnerability


Editor's Note

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free access   Introduction

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Why bioethics needs a concept of vulnerability

pp. 11-38

Responding to vulnerability: The case of injection drug use

pp. 39-63

A global ethics approach to vulnerability

pp. 64-81

How are pregnant women vulnerable research participants?

pp. 82-104

(Un)expected suffering: The corporeal specificity of vulnerability

pp. 105-125

Vulnerabilities compounded by social institutions

pp. 126-146

Vulnerability, health, and illness

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Carried and held: Getting good at being helped

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Commentary on the UNESCO IBC report on respect for vulnerability and personal integrity: (Article 8 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics And Human Rights)

pp. 170-173

Women and special vulnerability: Commentary "On the principle of respect for human vulnerability and personal integrity," UNESCO, International Bioethics Committee report

pp. 174-179

Respect for people in situations of vulnerability: A new principle for health-care professionals and health-care organizations

pp. 180-185

Book Review

My Imaginary Illness: A Journey into Uncertainty and Prejudice in Medical Diagnosis (review)

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