restricted access   Volume 111, Number 4, October 2012

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Denial of God, Mental Disorder, and Exile: The Rex iniquus in Daniel and Juliana

pp. 425-450

II Æthelred and the Politics of The Battle of Maldon

pp. 451-473

Astronomy and Dream Visions in Late Medieval Iceland: Stjörnu-Odda draumr and the Emergence of Norse Legendary Fiction

pp. 474-512


Anglo-Saxons in a Frankish World 690-900 (review)

pp. 513-516

On the Aesthetics of Beowulf and Other Old English Poems (review)

pp. 516-519

Classroom Commentaries: Teaching the "Poetria nova" across Medieval and Renaissance Europe (review)

pp. 519-522

The Cult of Saints and the Virgin Mary in Medieval Scotland (review)

pp. 522-523

The Exploitations of Medieval Romance (review)

pp. 524-526

Medieval Alliterative Poetry: Essays in Honour of Thorlac Turville-Petre (review)

pp. 526-528

The Claims of Poverty: Literature, Culture, and Ideology in Late Medieval England (review)

pp. 528-530

Parliament and Political Pamphleteering in Fourteenth-Century England (review)

pp. 530-533

Textual Healing: Studies in Medieval English Medical, Scientific, and Technical Texts (review)

pp. 533-535

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (review)

pp. 535-538

Chaucer: Contemporary Approaches (review)

pp. 538-541

John Lydgate: Mummings and Entertainments (review)

pp. 541-543

The Impetus of Amateur Scholarship: Discussing and Editing Medieval Romances in Late-Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Britain (review)

pp. 543-545

Cinematic Illuminations: The Middle Ages on Film (review)

pp. 546-548

Medieval Translations and Cultural Discourse. The Movement of Texts in England, France and Scandinavia (review)

pp. 548-552

Otfrids Evangelienbuch in der frühen Neuzeit. Studien zu den Anfängen der deutschen Philologie (review)

pp. 552-554

Labiler Wegweiser. Studien zur Kontingenzsemantik in der erzählenden Literatur des Hochmittelalters (review)

pp. 554-557

Index for 2012

pp. 558-563