restricted access   Issue 74, Autumn 2012

Table of Contents

Articles and Essays

Reborn John?: The Eighteenth-century Afterlife of John Lilburne

pp. 1-26

Queering the History of Marriage: the Social Recognition of a Castrato Husband in Eighteenth-Century Britain

pp. 27-50

Popular Radicalism, Religious Parody and the Mock Sermon in the 1790s

pp. 51-78

Enlightenment and the Uses of Woman

pp. 79-87

Ghost-Hunters and Psychical Research in Interwar England

pp. 88-104

Glad to be Gay Behind the Wall: Gay and Lesbian Activism in 1970s East Germany

pp. 105-130

When Bosnia was a Commonwealth Country: British Forces and their Interpreters in Republika Srpska 1995-2007

pp. 131-155

Imperial History and the Human Future

pp. 156-172

History at Large

Recognizing in the Inferno That Which is Not: Reflections on Writing a Memoir

pp. 173-191

Living in the Soviet Century: Moshe Lewin, 1921-2010

pp. 192-209

History on the Line

Myth and Morality in the History of the Italian Resistance: the Hero of Palidoro

pp. 211-223

Historic Passion

Puck of Pook's Hill

pp. 225-232


Cunningly Crafted Histories

pp. 233-242

Once an Empire

pp. 242-247

Progress, Interrupted

pp. 247-255

Keeping Down the Demos

pp. 256-264

Working Children

pp. 264-269

Rediscovering the Workplace

pp. 270-277


pp. 277-283

Scholarly Exiles

pp. 283-288


p. 288

Report Back

Textiles, Techne and Power in the Andes (review)

pp. 289-292

Femmes et genre en contexte colonial, XIXe-XXe siecle (Women and gender in colonial context, 19th-20th centuries) (review)

pp. 292-296

From Uniformity to Reform: Education in the Very Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1870) (review)

pp. 296-297

Port City Lives: Mobilities, Networks, Encounters, Blackburne House, Liverpool (review)

pp. 297-300


Dorothy Thompson (30 October 1923-29 January 2011)

pp. 301-306