restricted access   Volume 35, Number 4, Summer 2012

Table of Contents


Hegel (and Wagner) in James Joyce's "Drama and Life"

pp. 1-12

The Genesis of Leopold Bloom: Writing the Lives of Rudolph Virag and Ellen Higgins in Ulysses

pp. 13-31

The Occlusion of René Descartes in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake

pp. 32-55

In the Wake of Fair Use: Incest, Citation and the Legal Legacy of Finnegans Wake

pp. 56-72

Yeats, On the Boiler, the Aesthetics of Cultural Disintegration and the Program for Renewal "of our own rich experience"

pp. 73-90

Shades of Larkin: Singularity and Transcendence in Derek Mahon's "A Garage in Co. Cork"

pp. 91-106

Mary Colum, Modernism, and Mass Media: An Irish-Inflected Transatlantic Print Culture

pp. 107-129

Thomas MacGreevy's Poetics of Loss: War, Sexuality, and Archive

pp. 130-150

Chaos as a Mode of Living in Samuel Beckett's The Unnamable

pp. 151-162

Putting the Impossible to Work: Beckettian Afterlife and the Posthuman Future of Humanity

pp. 163-180

Beckett in the World

pp. 181-183

Beckett's Voices

pp. 184-186

Traces Historicized: Beckett Traced

pp. 187-191

Scholarly Debts to Beckett's Modernism

pp. 192-196

Beckett, a Husserlian: A Review of Beckett and Phenomenology

pp. 197-200

Joyce the Filmmaker

pp. 201-205

Adultery-Within-Marriage: Joyce's Love Plot

pp. 206-209

Disciplined? Decidedly: A Review of Joyce's Disciples Disciplined

pp. 210-213

Notes on Contributors

pp. 214-217