restricted access   Volume 35, Number 4, November 2012

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pp. 495-497

Importance, Usage, and Preparedness to Implement Evidence-based Practices for Students with Emotional Disabilities: A Comparison of Knowledge and Skills of Special Education and General Education Teachers

pp. 499-520

Effects of Tiered Training on General Educators' Use of Specific Praise

pp. 521-546

Tier 2 Supports to Improve Motivation and Performance of Elementary Students with Behavioral Challenges and Poor Work Completion

pp. 547-584

Exclusionary Discipline Practices Across Students' Racial/Ethnic Backgrounds and Disability Status: Findings from the Pacific Northwest

pp. 585-601

Girls with Emotional Disturbance and a History of Arrest: Characteristics and School-based Predictors of Arrest

pp. 603-622

Understanding the Experience of Girls with EBD in a Gender-Responsive Support Group

pp. 623-646

ETC Special Issue Reviewers 2012 edition

pp. 647-648

Volumes 31-35 Subject and Volume 35 Author Indices

pp. 653-670

Guest Associate Editors and Reviewers, July 2012

pp. 671-672