restricted access   Volume 86, Number 3, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Riptide Milagro, and: On the Malecón

pp. 7-16

Snow Day, and: The Sorrow Triptych, and: The Arts, and: The Moment on Stage II, and: The Beginning of Time, and: Anger: The Rape

pp. 17-22

Making Lunch, and: Patience

pp. 22-24

Coughing, and: Grey Birds, and: Snail

pp. 25-27

Tiger in the Glass

pp. 28-43

Thanksgiving at the Brewsters, and: First Duck, and: Edible Arrangement, and: Dead Buddha, and: Indigestion, and: Dogdom

pp. 44-50

The Set-Aside That Becomes the Swept-Aside, and: The Whitest White in the Black & White Movie

pp. 50-51


p. 52

The Canary Keeper

pp. 53-64

Summer Splendor, and: For My Father, Karachi 1947

pp. 65-67

Living on Coffee and Flowers

pp. 67-68

Sivka-Burka, and: A Is for Air, and: Interstate, and: Notes from a Northern State

pp. 68-72

Practice, and: Boy on Boy

pp. 73-74

Reading Neruda’s “Ode to the Onion”, and: When You Bring in the Paper, and: Ode to Invisibility

pp. 74-78

My Niece Hangs Herself at 35

pp. 78-79

Woman between You and the Door

pp. 79-80

The Body: or Breach, and: Cartography

pp. 80-84

The Superego State: A Lover’s Reply

pp. 85-105

Under the Rug, and: Bedsprings, and: The Uses of the Past

pp. 106-108

Gravitational Field, and: Letter to a Son

pp. 112-115

Yellowstone Wolf Project

pp. 115-122

Smiling Back from the Afterlife, and: Listening to the Paint

pp. 122-124

Late Afternoon

p. 125

Check, Please, and: Contact High

pp. 125-128

Original Sinning, and: Missing You Again, and: Back Story

pp. 129-132

Hawk Poem, and: What the Corpse Said, and: The Heads of the Apostles at Notre Dame

pp. 133-137

Something Like Friends, Maybe, and: In Case We’re Separated

pp. 138-139

What it Was Like, and: Inflorescences

pp. 140-141


pp. 142-157

Bogie Noir

p. 158

Margaret Fuller’s Recurring Dream, and: Comfort

pp. 159-160

The Seasons, and: ( . . . ), and: Photo Albums

pp. 160-162

Plumb, and: Unreliable Narrator

pp. 162-166


p. 167

Corduroy Road

p. 168


5 Under 35 (review)

pp. 169-174

Blue Rust (review)

pp. 174-177

Engine Empire (review)

pp. 177-179

Conditions of Grace (review)

pp. 179-181

Chinoiserie (review)

pp. 181-185

A Wreath of Down and Drops of Blood (review)

pp. 185-188

News of Previous Contributors

pp. 189-190


pp. 191-195