restricted access   Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2012

Table of Contents

From the Editorial Team

pp. 4-5

Under The Radar

pp. 6-9

On the Contrary

Manufacturing the Future: Why Reindustrialization Is the Road to Recovery

pp. 10-15

No Work, Low Pay, and the American Nightmare

The Working Poor: A Booming Demographic

pp. 16-25

To Be Young and Unemployed

pp. 26-36

The Prison Industrial Complex: A Growth Industry in a Shrinking Economy

pp. 38-47

The Marxist Moment

Marxism in the Age of Financial Crises: Why Conventional Economics Can't Explain the Great Recession

pp. 48-56

The Sigh of the Oppressed?: Marxism and Religion in America Today

pp. 58-65

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Labor Day Assessment of the Past Year

pp. 66-73

Food Fight: The Politics of the Food Industry

pp. 74-79

Working-Class Voices of Contemporary

Surviving in the Amazon

pp. 80-83

Economic Prospects: Getting Real on Jobs and the Environment: Pipelines, Fracking, or Clean Energy?

pp. 84-87

Lessons from the Right's Attacks on ACORN and Planned Parenthood

pp. 88-93

In the Rearview Mirror: Barbarism and Progress: The Story of Convict Labor

pp. 94-98

Caught in the Web: The Young and the Jobless

pp. 100-102

Books and the Arts

Looking for Virtue in All the Wrong Places

pp. 104-107

The Working Class in Exile

pp. 108-110

Making Your Own Luck

pp. 111-113

Perspectives on César Chávez and the Farm Workers Movement

pp. 114-117

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed

pp. 118-121

Three Poems

pp. 122-123


pp. 124-125

About Our Contributors

pp. 126-127