restricted access   Volume 4, Issue 3, September 2012

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Patient Vulnerability and Professional Vulnerability

pp. 167-170


Psychosocial and Ethical Response to Disasters: A SWOT Analysis of Post-Tsunami Disaster Management in Sri Lanka

pp. 171-182

Ethical Issues in Using Bronchial Biopsies for Asthma Research

pp. 183-197

Sexual Abuse: An Ethical Dilemma of Autonomy vs. Beneficence and the Role of Healthcare Providers in a Community Setting

pp. 198-209


Nurses’ Experience of the Perception of Nursing Conscience: A Phenomenological Study

pp. 210-225

Case Corner

“Dying Well” in Singapore: Reflecting on Terminal Cancer Management

pp. 226-235

Student Voices

A Profession Built on Grace

pp. 236-239

Book Review

Medical Ethics in China: A Transcultural Interpretation (review)

pp. 240-246


pp. 247-249