restricted access   Volume 32, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction: Staging the City: Bernard Shaw and the Production of Urban Space

pp. 1-15


On the Jews

pp. 16-30

Shaw's London Then and Now

pp. 31-38

Bernard Shaw: D├ęgringolade and Derision in Dublin City

pp. 39-58

Shaw, Class, and the Melodramas of London Life

pp. 59-85

The Devil Inside: London's Slums and the Crisis of Gender in Shaw's Widowers' Houses

pp. 86-101

Shaw, Murder, and the Modern Metropolis

pp. 102-116

Building the New City of God: Shaw's Provisional Supermen

pp. 117-132

John Bull's Other Island: Taking the Bull to Ireland

pp. 133-142

St. Dominic's Parsonage: "The Best View of Victoria Park"

pp. 143-150

Celebrating Shaw's Chicago Century and Beyond

pp. 151-169


Bernard Shaw's Role in the Irish National Revival

pp. 170-175

Shaw and Some Contemporaries

pp. 175-177

Undershaft as Platonic / Euripidean / Shavian Life Force

pp. 177-182

Lawrence of Arabia and the Shaws

pp. 182-186

Over the Falls in a Golden Barrel: The Shaw Fest Celebrates

pp. 187-190

Shaw's Mexican Disciple

pp. 190-193

A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana

pp. 194-241


pp. 242-244


pp. 245-248

International Shaw Society

pp. 249-252