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Table of Contents


pp. ix-xxii


pp. vii-viii

The Region

Southeast Asian Economies in 2010: The Challenge of Sustaining Growth after the Recovery

pp. 1-15

The United States, China and Southeast Asia

pp. 16-25

ASEAN in 2010

pp. 26-32

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam: Consolidating the Foundations of its Future?

pp. 33-50


Cambodia: Hopes, Trials, and Tribulations

pp. 51-70


Indonesia in 2010: Moving on from the Democratic Honeymoon

pp. 71-90

The Ongoing Extremist Threat in Indonesia

pp. 91-104


Laos: Celebrations and Development Debates

pp. 105-128


Malaysia in 2010: Resurgent Najib and BN, Stumbling Anwar and PR

pp. 129-157

Malaysia “Punching above its Weight” … and Finally Hitting the Target

pp. 158-170


Myanmar in 2010: The Elections Year and Beyond

pp. 171-189

Myanmar’s 2010 Elections: Continuity and Change

pp. 190-207

The Philippines

The Philippines in 2010: Reclaiming Hope

pp. 209-234

Balancing Gambits in Twenty-first Century Philippine Foreign Policy: Gains and Possible Demise?

pp. 235-253


Singapore in 2010: Rebounding from Economic Slump, Managing Tensions between a Global City and a Fledgling Nation State

pp. 255-270

Goh Keng Swee: Thinker and Institution Builder

pp. 271-283


Thailand’s Emergency State: Struggles and Transformations

pp. 285-305

Competing Diplomacies: Thailand amidst Sino-American Rivalry

pp. 306-319


Timor-Leste: On the Road to Peace and Prosperity?

pp. 321-335


Vietnam: Familiar Patterns and New Developments Ahead of the 11th Party Congress

pp. 337-363