restricted access   Volume 47, Number 1, 2012

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Sisters at War: Mexican Women’s Poetry and the U.S.-Mexican War

pp. 3-15

Indigenismo como ideologia e prática de dominação: Apontamentos teóricos para uma etnografia do indigenismo latino-americano em perspectiva comparada

pp. 16-34

Deforestación, expansión agropecuaria y dinámica demográfica en el Chaco Seco Argentino durante la década de los noventa

pp. 35-63

Re-creating the Favela in O homem que copiava by Jorge Furtado

pp. 64-77

Satisfacción de vida en Costa Rica: Un enfoque de dominios de vida

pp. 78-94

In Search of Tinterillos

pp. 95-114

Race and the Critical Trajectory of Espejo de paciencia (1608, 1838) in the Nineteenth Century

pp. 115-135

Research Reports and Notes

Among Sandino’s Girlfriends: Carmen Sobalvarro and the Gendered Poetics of a Nationalist Romance

pp. 137-160

Researching Race in Chile

pp. 161-176

Review Essays

Reading Symbolic and Historical Representations in Early Mesoamerica

pp. 177-186

What’s in a Revolution?

pp. 187-195

Development and Democracy in Mexico

pp. 196-204

Paramilitaries and the Economic Origins of Armed Conflict in Colombia

pp. 205-213

Race, Religion, Subjectivity, and Representation

pp. 214-222

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 227-229

Forthcoming in Volume 47, Number 2

p. 231