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From: Essays in Medieval Studies

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"I ne kan nat bulte it to the bren . . . "

pp. i-x

Chapter 1

Virtue and Equality in the Medieval Latin Ruodlieb

pp. 1-11

Chapter 2

Chasing Voices, Hunting Love: The Meaning of the Italian Caccia

pp. 13-31

Chapter 3

Representing "Women's Songs" in Stories: Lyric Interpolations and Female Characters in Guillaume de Dole and the Roman de la Violette

pp. 33-44

Chapter 4

Inserting "A grete tente, a thrifty, and a long": Sexual Obscenity and Scribal Innovation in Fifteenth-Century Manuscripts of The Canterbury Tales

pp. 45-60

Chapter 5

The Problem of Theophany in Paradiso 33

pp. 61-78

Chapter 6

Corpse, Codex, and Chronicle: Robert Southey Translating the Poem of the Cid

pp. 79-104

Chapter 7

How to Be a Man: Malory and the Moral Paradox

pp. 105-115

Chapter 8

Exploring Byzantine Cartographies: Ancient Science, Christian Cosmology, and Geopolitics in Byzantine Imperial-Era Mapping

pp. 117-131

Chapter 9

And—?: Using Digital Tools to Reread The Canterbury Tales

pp. 133-147