restricted access   Volume 91, Number 1, September 2012

Table of Contents


Social Forces at 90

pp. 1-2

90th Anniversary Reflections

Now We Are Almost Fifty! Reflections on a Theory of the Transformation of Social Movement Organizations

pp. 3-11

Reflections upon “The Effects of Industrial, Occupational and Sex Segregation on Blue-Collar Markets” – 35 Years Later

pp. 13-16

Reflections on Conceptualizing and Measuring Tie Strength

pp. 17-23

The Social Dynamics of Trust: Theoretical and Empirical Research, 1985–2012

pp. 25-31

Reflection on “A Revised Strain Theory of Delinquency"

pp. 33-38

Reflections on the Dimensions of Segregation

pp. 39-43

Reflections on “Family Structure and Child Well-Being: Economic Resources vs. Parental Socialization”

pp. 45-53

Housework: Who Did, Does or Will Do It, and How Much Does It Matter?

pp. 55-63

The Measure of American Religious Traditions: Theoretical and Measurement Considerations

pp. 65-73

Labor Markets

Dual Embeddedness: Informal Job Matching and Labor Market Institutions in the United States and Germany

pp. 75-97

The Scarring Effects of Bankruptcy: Cumulative Disadvantage Across Credit and Labor Markets

pp. 99-130

Don’t Blame the Babies: Work Hour Mismatches and the Role of Children

pp. 131-155

Economic Inequality

Relational Inequality: Gender Earnings Inequality in U.S. and Japanese Manufacturing Plants in the Early 1980s

pp. 157-180

Minority Population Concentration and Earnings: Evidence From Fixed-Effects Models

pp. 181-208

Social Capital

Mexican American Protest, Ethnic Resiliency and Social Capital: The Mobilization Benefits of Cross-Cutting Ties

pp. 209-231

Age, Period and Cohort Effects On Social Capital

pp. 233-252

Temporal Dynamics of Social Exchange and the Development of Solidarity: “Testing the Waters” Versus “Taking a Leap of Faith”

pp. 253-273


Religion and End-of-Life Treatment Preferences: Assessing the Effects of Religious Denomination and Beliefs

pp. 275-298


Outcomes of Global Environmentalism: Longitudinal and Cross-National Trends in Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Use

pp. 299-325