restricted access   Volume 6, Number 2, Spring 2003

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From: Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture

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pp. 5-13

Contributor Notes

pp. 167-168


The Church's Social Doctrine in the Twenty-First Century

pp. 15-36

Between Mathematics and Transcendence: The Search for the Spiritual Dimension of Scientific Discovery

pp. 38-45

The Use of Imagination, Emotion, and the Will in a Medieval Classic: The Meditaciones Vite Christi

pp. 46-62

Believing in Baseball: The Religious Power of Our National Pastime

pp. 63-83

An Opposing World View: Transient Morality in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and Machiavelli's Mandragola

pp. 84-107

A Spiritual Interpretation of the Vernacular: The Literary Sources of Georges Rouault

pp. 108-124

Some Mortal Questions on Justice Scalia and the Death Penalty

pp. 125-133

Feeding the Hungry: Caring for the Poor in an Affluent Society: The Shepherds of Good Hope of Ottawa, 1983-1991

pp. 134-145


Introduction to Cardinal H. E. Manning's Sermon: "Dominus Jesus"

pp. 146-150

"Dominus Jesus": Christ Preached in Any Way a Cause of Joy

pp. 151-166