restricted access   Volume 49, Number 3, 2012

Table of Contents

A. Owen Aldridge Prize Winner 2010-2011

Exchange and the Eidolon: Analyzing Forgiveness in Euripides's Helen

pp. 327-347

Jorge Amado and World Literature

Jorge Amado's Penn State Lectures (1971): Brazilian Literature, World Literature

pp. 348-360

Is Jorge Amado the Gateway to Brazil, or Not?

pp. 361-371

Rationalism Called into Question in the Latin American Narrative: From Jorge Luis Borges to Jorge Amado

pp. 372-381

Jorge Amado: Exile and Literature

pp. 382-394

Jorge Ahmad

pp. 395-404


The Ethics of Human Cloning in Narrative Fiction

pp. 405-433

When Orature Becomes Literature: Somali Oral Poetry and Folktales In Somali Novels

pp. 434-462

Book Reviews

Investigating Identities: Questions of Identity in Contemporary International Crime Fiction (review)

pp. 463-466

From Ah Q to Lei Feng: Freud and Revolutionary Spirit in 20th Century China (review)

pp. 466-469

Looking Away: Phenomenality and Dissatisfaction, Kant to Adorno (review)

pp. 469-472

Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety (review)

pp. 472-475

Shakespeare's Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age (review)

pp. 475-478

Thinking Allegory Otherwise (review)

pp. 478-481

Speculative Grammar and Stoic Language Theory in Medieval Allegorical Narrative from Prudentius to Alan of Lille (review)

pp. 482-485

Miracles of Book and Body: Buddhist Textual Culture and Medieval Japan (review)

pp. 485-488

Riddles of Belonging: India in Translation and Other Tales of Possession (review)

pp. 488-491


pp. 492-496