restricted access   Volume 27, Number 3, Summer 2012

Table of Contents

Readers Respond

pp. 3-4


Tikkun as a Quarterly

p. 5

Iran, Israel, and Obama

pp. 6-53

Rethinking Religion

Levinas, Hitlerism, and New Atheist Revisionism

pp. 10-55

Rethinking the Doctrines of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit

pp. 13-59

Privacy and Personhood in a World Without Mystery

pp. 15-60

The Difference Between Holy and Nice: The Religious Counterculture

pp. 17-61

Politics and Society

All We Have in Common: Youth Dialogue Offers a New Vision for Israel/Palestine

pp. 27-67

Statism and Anti-Statism: Reflections on Israel’s Legitimacy Crisis

pp. 31-68

Drug Prohibition Is the Problem: Reflections from a Former Judge

pp. 34-71

Special Section: Playful Distractions

Burning Man, “World of Warcraft,” and Other Playful Distractions

p. 19

Burning Man, Desire, and the Culture of Empire

pp. 20-63

Online Ministry in a Massively Multi-Player World of Warcraft

pp. 24-64



Retelling Hasidism for the Twenty-First Century

pp. 37-39

A Memoir of Gender Transition

pp. 40-42

Literary Bridges to the Middle Eastern “Other”

pp. 42-45

When American Jews Were Divided and Weak

pp. 45-49

Much More Than a Historical Novel

pp. 49-50


A Jewish Composer for Our Time

pp. 50-52


Bamian: A Photograph from Tricycle, 2000

p. 72