restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Object-Oriented Literary Criticism

The Well-Wrought Broken Hammer: Object-Oriented Literary Criticism

pp. 183-203

An Object-Oriented Defense of Poetry

pp. 205-224

Systems and Things: A Response to Graham Harman and Timothy Morton

pp. 225-233

A Habermasian Literary Criticism

pp. 235-254

Hobbes and the Wolf-Man: Melancholy and Animality in Modern Sovereignty

pp. 255-279

Breaking the Laws of Motion: Pneumatology and Belles Lettres in Eighteenth-Century Britain

pp. 281-308

The State of Postcolonial Studies continued

Signs Taken for Wonders: An Anecdote Taken from History

pp. 309-329

Responses to Dipesh Chakrabarty and Robert JC Young

Empire’s Present

pp. 331-340

What is Left in Postcolonial Studies?

pp. 341-358

The Sighs of History: Postcolonial Debris and the Question of (Literary) History

pp. 359-370

Whence and Whither Postcolonial Theory?

pp. 371-390


pp. 391-392

Books Received

pp. 393-394