restricted access   Volume 23, Number 3, July 2012

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From: Journal of Democracy

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The Transformation of the Arab World

pp. 5-18

Putinism Under Siege

It had long seemed as if Russians were resigned to the rule of Vladimir Putin, until angry protests over the most recent parliamentary and presidential elections stripped the Putin regime of its veneer of legitimacy. Why this sudden change, and what is likely to come next?

Implosion, Atrophy, or Revolution?

pp. 19-32

An Autopsy of Managed Democracy

pp. 33-45

The Strange Alliance of Democrats and Nationalists

pp. 46-54

The Protesters and The Public

pp. 55-62

Can There Be a Color Revolution?

pp. 63-70

Turkey and Thailand: Unlikely Twins

pp. 71-79

African Elections: Two Divergent Trends

pp. 80-93

Oil, Politics, and Ghana’s Democracy

pp. 94-108

The DRC’s Crumbling Legitimacy

pp. 109-120

Senegal: What Will Turnover Bring?

pp. 121-131

How Things Went Wrong

pp. 132-137

Disabling the Constitution

pp. 138-146

Can Outsiders Help?

pp. 147-155

The Surprising Success of Multiparty Presidentialism

pp. 156-170

Books in Review

The Spirit of Aung San Suu Kyi

pp. 171-174

Books Received

pp. 174-177

Election Results (March–June 2012)

pp. 178-182

Documents on Democracy

pp. 183-185

News and Notes

pp. 186-188