restricted access   Volume 127, Number 3 , April 2012 (German Issue)

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Walter Benjamin, Gershom Scholem, and the Marburg School

Editors: Julia Ng and Rochelle Tobias Editorial Assistants: J. Brandon Pelcher and Nina Tolksdorff

Introduction to the Special Issue

pp. 427-432

Dossier: Scholem's Notes on Kant and Cohen

Walter Benjamin's and Gershom Scholem's Reading Group Around Hermann Cohen's Kants Theorie der Erfahrung in 1918: An Introduction

pp. 433-439

Über Kant

pp. 440-441

On Kant

pp. 443-446

Gegen die metaphysische Erörterung des Raumes

pp. 447-455

Against the metaphysical exposition of space

pp. 456-461


Kant's Theory of Experience at the End of the War: Scholem and Benjamin Read Cohen A Commentary

pp. 462-484

Intensive Languages

pp. 485-541

Diverging Correspondences Concerning the Problem of Identity: Russell-Wittgenstein and Benjamin-Scholem

pp. 542-561

The Infinitesimal as Theological Principle: Representing the Paradoxes of God and Nothing in Cohen, Rosenzweig, Scholem, and Barth

pp. 562-588

Intensive Infinity: Walter Benjamin's Reception of Leibniz and its Sources

pp. 589-610

„Zeitlos und dennoch nicht ohne historischen Belang". Über die idealen Zusammenhänge der Geschichte bei dem jungen Benjamin und Hermann Cohen

pp. 611-624

Eine geheime Verabredung. Über Walter Benjamins Umgang mit Theologie

pp. 625-644

Messianisme et philologie du langage

pp. 645-664

Irreconcilable: Ethics and Aesthetics for Hermann Cohen and Walter Benjamin

pp. 665-680

Book Reviews

Raumgewordene Vergangenheit: Walter Benjamins Poetologie der Geschichte (review)

pp. 681-685

The Problem of Distraction (review)

pp. 685-689

Ästhetik des Bösen (review)

pp. 689-692

Novel Translations: The European Novel and the German Book, 1680-1730 (review)

pp. 693-695


pp. 696-698