restricted access   Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2012

Table of Contents


"It's the kids who made this happen": The Occupy Movement as Youth Movement

pp. 1-14


After Jacqueline Rose, What Is Left?: The Play of Identity and Representation in Russell Hoban's Turtle Diary

pp. 15-36

(Global) Capitalism and Immigrant Workers in Gary Paulsen's Lawn Boy: Naturalization of Exploitation

pp. 37-60

Innocence Abducted: Youth, War, and the Wolf in Literary Adaptations of the Pied Piper Legend from Robert Browning to Michel Tournier

pp. 61-84

"Old-Fashioned and Forward-Looking": Neo-Liberalism and Nostalgia in the Daring Books for Girls

pp. 85-106

Forum: Discovering, Exploring, and Colonizing Childhood: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Childhood Studies

How to Make Good Subjects: Guiding Girls, Creating Citizens, Constructing Consumers

pp. 107-118

"I am content with Canada": Canadian Girls at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

pp. 119-131

Can the Girl Guide Speak?: The Perils and Pleasures of Looking for Children's Voices in Archival Research

pp. 132-145

From Toddlers to Teens: The Colonization of Childhood the Disney Way

pp. 146-158


Le champ de la recherche en littérature pour la jeunesse: un carrefour interdisciplinaire de la « littérature monde »

pp. 159-177

Reflections on Multiculturalism in Canadian Fiction for Young People since 1950: A Contribution to National Identity Formation

pp. 178-189

Explorations of Childhood in a Modern Age: A Review of Three Books that Engage with Fairy-Tale Literature

pp. 190-200

About Jeunesse

p. 201