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Rethinking the Schism of 1054: Authority, Heresy, and the Latin Rite

pp. 1-24

Susanna and English Communities

pp. 25-58

Walter Burley, Quid sit subiectum scientiae naturalis: Eine Edition von Quaestiones super Librum Physicorum, q. 2, und von Expositio vetus cum quaestionibus super Librum physicorum, q. 1.1

pp. 59-81

Thematic Structure and Symbolic Motif in the Middle English Breton Lays

pp. 83-118

Chaucer, the "corones tweyne," and the Eve of Saint Agnes

pp. 119-133

The Miracles of Saint David: A New Text and its Context

pp. 135-205


pp. 184-192


pp. 193-205

Gower on Henry IV's Rule: The Endings of the Cronica Tripertita and Its Texts

pp. 207-236

Ein bemerkenswerter spƤtmittelalterlicher Codex zur Philosophie, Astronomie und Medizin: Mainz, Stadtbibliothek, Hs I 613

pp. 237-258

The Middle English Life of Saint Dorothy in Trinity College, Dublin MS 319: Origins, Parallels, and Its Relationship to Osbern Bokenham's Legendys of Hooly Wummen

pp. 259-284

Los sentidos internos en la prosa medieval castellana (a propĆ³sito de Alfonso el Sabio y Juan de Mena)

pp. 285-315

The Prefaces to the First Humanist Medical Translations

pp. 317-335