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Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

pp. 1-2

Was There a Real “Mineshaft Gap”?: Bomb Shelters in the USSR, 1945–1962

pp. 3-28

Secret Peace Overtures, the Holocaust, and Allied Strategy vis-à-vis Germany: Hungary in the Vortex of World War II

pp. 29-67

Sweden, Europe, and the Cold War: A Reappraisal

pp. 68-97

Exploiting the Exiles: Soviet Émigrés in U.S. Cold War Strategy

pp. 98-127

Reassessing the Events of 1968 in the Soviet Bloc and the West

The Russian View(s) of the Prague Spring

pp. 128-141

Politics, Discontents, Hopes: 1968 East and West

pp. 142-153

Book Reviews

Arrested Histories: Tibet, the CIA, and Memories of a Forgotten War (review)

pp. 154-156

Worse than a Monolith: Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia (review)

pp. 156-158

The War for Korea, 1950–1951: They Came from the North (review)

pp. 158-160

The Military Lens: Doctrinal Difference and Deterrence Failure in Sino-American Relations (review)

pp. 160-162

North Korea Caught in Time: Images of War and Reconstruction (review)

pp. 162-164

Trials of Engagement: The Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy (review)

pp. 165-166

The Eccentric Realist: Henry Kissinger and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy (review)

pp. 166-168

The Soviet Dream World of Retail Trade and Consumption in the 1930s (review)

pp. 168-170

Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan 1979–1989, and: A Long Goodbye: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan (review)

pp. 170-173

Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society (review)

pp. 173-175

Perforating the Iron Curtain: European Détente, Transatlantic Relations, and the Cold War, 1965–1985 (review)

pp. 175-177