restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, April 2003

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From: Leonardo

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Color Plates

pp. 105-106

Materials Received

pp. 167-168

Leonardo On-line Bibliographies

p. 171

Introducing the LDR Panelists

p. 168

Leonardo Network News

pp. 173-174


Something Has Doubled

pp. 95-96

Artist's Article

GFP Bunny

pp. 97-102

Artist's Statement

Carrier: Forever Bound

pp. 103-104

Musica Automata: Machines and Bodies

p. 104

Special Section:
A-Life in Art, Design, Edutainment, Games and Research:
A-Life in Robotics and Harware Evolution

Towards Epistemically Autonomous Robots: Exploiting the Potential of Physical Systems

pp. 109-114

Computer Creativity in the Automatic Design of Robots

pp. 115-121

General Article

BRIDGES I: Interdisciplinary Collaboration as Practice

pp. 123-128

Theoretical Perspectives on the Arts, Sciences and Technology

Evolution of Gravitational Synesthesia in Music: To Color and Light!

pp. 129-134

Historical Perspecitves on the Arts, Sciences and Technology

The Invented World of Mariano Taccola: Revisiting a Once-Famous Artist-Engineer of 15th-Century Italy

pp. 135-143

Technical Article

Circle Packings and the Sacred Lotus

pp. 145-150

New Media Dictionary

New Media Dictionary: Part VIII: Multimedia Part 2

pp. 151-156

Leonardo Reviews


The Structure of Evolutionary Theory (review)

pp. 157-159

The Great Exhibition of 1851: New Interdisciplinary Essays (review)

p. 159

Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age (review)

pp. 159-161

Making Sense of Life: Explaining Biological Development with Models, Metaphors, and Machines (review)

p. 161

Origins, Imitation, Conventions: Representation in the Visual Arts (review)

pp. 161-162

Surroundings Surrounded: Essays on Space and Science (review)

p. 162

The Psychology of Graphic Images: Seeing, Drawing, Communicating (review)

pp. 162-163

The Bauhaus and America: First Contacts 1919-1936 (review)

p. 163

Leon Battista Alberti: Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance (review)

pp. 163-164

The Metaphysics of Beauty (review)

pp. 164-165


Ars Electronica 2002: Unplugged--Art as the Scene of Global Conflict

pp. 165-167