restricted access   Volume 90, Number 3, March 2012

Table of Contents

Economic Inequality

Retirement Patterns and Income Inequality

pp. 685-711

The Impact of Slavery on Racial Inequality in Poverty in the Contemporary U.S. South

pp. 713-734


Better Off Jobless?: Scarring Effects of Contingent Employment in Japan

pp. 735-768

A Late Start: Delayed Entry, Life Course Transitions and Bachelor's Degree Completion

pp. 769-794


Family Formation and Men's and Women's Attainment of Workplace Authority

pp. 795-816

Mothers' Repartnering after a Nonmarital Birth

pp. 817-841


Enduring Consequences of Right-Wing Extremism: Klan Mobilization and Homicides in Southern Counties

pp. 843-862

Social Learning, Reinforcement and Crime: Evidence from Three European Cities

pp. 863-890

Experimental Research

Panel Conditioning in a Longitudinal Study of Adolescents' Substance Use: Evidence from an Experiment

pp. 891-918

How Norms Can Generate Conflict: An Experiment on the Failure of Cooperative Micro-motives on the Macro-level

pp. 919-946


Corporate Characteristics, Political Embeddedness and Environmental Pollution by Large U.S. Corporations

pp. 947-970


Segregation in Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth's Personal Networks: Testing Structural Constraint, Choice Homophily and Compartmentalization Hypotheses

pp. 971-991


The Impact of Race and Ethnicity, Immigration and Political Context on Participation in American Electoral Politics

pp. 993-1022


Bringing You More Than the Weekend: Union Membership and Self-rated Health in the United States

pp. 1023-1049