restricted access   Volume 34, Number 2, Fall 2008

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

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Victorian Review Forum

Teaching the Victorians

Teaching Victorian Poetry and the Body: Forming Affect

pp. 9-18

Teaching Victorian Pornography: Hermeneutics and Sexuality

pp. 19-25

Using Performance in the Classroom

pp. 27-32

Teaching Victorian Literature in the Context of Photography

pp. 33-41

Teaching Victorian Illustrated Poetry: Hands-on Material Culture

pp. 43-61

A Victorian Study-Abroad Course for Undergraduates

pp. 63-69

Special Focus

Victorian Literature and Classical Myth


pp. 73-82

Of Venus and of Cupid,— Strange Old Tales” in the Work of D. G. Rossetti

pp. 83-102

Solomon, Swinburne, Sappho

pp. 103-128

The Terror of Divine Revelation and Apollo’s Incorporation into Song: Swinburne’s Apollonian Myth

pp. 129-148

Nympholepsy, Mythopoesis, and John Addington Symonds

pp. 149-163

The Eros of Homeros: The Pleasures of Greek Epic in Victorian Literature and Archaeology

pp. 165-183

Dionysus: The Victorian Outcast

pp. 185-199

A Revolting Mistake: Walter Pater’s Iconography of Dionysus

pp. 201-218

From Pygmalion to Persephone: Love, Art, Myth in Thomas Hardy’s The Well-Beloved

pp. 219-239

Book Reviews

Working Fictions: A Genealogy of the Victorian Novel by Carolyn Lesjak (review)

pp. 241-243

Objects of Desire: Victorian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago by Gregory Nosan, and A Pre-Raphaelite Marriage: The Lives and Works of Marie Spartali Stillman and William James Stillman by David B. Elliott (review)

pp. 243-246

Women’s Albums and Photography in Victorian England: Ladies, Mothers and Flirts by Patrizia Di Bello (review)

pp. 246-248

The Novel of Purpose: Literature and Social Reform in the Anglo-American World by Amanda Claybaugh (review)

pp. 249-250

Sex, Lies and Autobiography: The Ethics of Confession by James O’Rourke (review)

pp. 250-252

Bursting the Limits of Time: The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Revolution by Martin J. S. Rudwick (review)

pp. 253-255

Imperial Masochism: British Fiction, Fantasy, and Social Class by John Kucich (review)

pp. 255-257


pp. 259-262