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Philosophy as Handmaid of Theology: Biblical Exegesis in the Service of Scholarship

pp. 1-37

For Pastoral Care and Political Gain: Ælfric of Eynsham's Preaching on Marital Celibacy

pp. 39-78

Möglichkeit und Wirklichkeit menschlichen Handelns. "Dynamis" (qūwa/qudra/istiṭāca) in der islamischen Theologie

pp. 79-128

Anselm and the Articella

pp. 129-174

The Internal Forum and the Literature of Penance and Confession

pp. 175-227

Nicolaus Cusanus and Ramon Lull: A Comparison of Three Texts on Human Knowledge

pp. 229-315

Walter Burleys letzter Kommentar zu Aristoteles, De interpretatione, Kap. 14 (nebst corrigenda zu verwandten Texten Burleys)

pp. 317-337

The Politics of Consuming Worldly Goods: Negotiating Christian Discipline and Feudal Power in Piers Plowman

pp. 339-368


Dos fragmentos inéditos de la antigua traducción latina del De plantis duodecim signis et septem planetis subiectis atribuido a Tésalo de Tralles

pp. 369-382

Das Exzerpt aus Macarius Magnes' Apocriticus

pp. 383-396