restricted access   Volume 13, Number 2, June 2012

Table of Contents


The Creative Destruction of the Chicago River Harbor: Spatial and Environmental Dimensions of Industrial Capitalism, 1881-1909

pp. 235-275

Trust Brokers: Traveling Grocery Salesmen and Confidence in Nineteenth-Century Trade

pp. 276-312

Corporate Social Responsibility of Dutch Entrepreneurs in the Twentieth Century

pp. 313-349

Under the Counter, Under the Radar?: The Business and Regulation of the Pornographic Press in Sweden 1950-1971

pp. 350-377

The Italian Corporate Network After the "Golden Age" (1972-1983): From Centrality to Marginalization of State-Owned Enterprises

pp. 378-413


Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada (review)

pp. 414-416

Le travail contraint en Asie et en Europe XVIIe-XXe siècles (review)

pp. 416-419

Airborne Dreams: "Nisei" Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways (review)

pp. 419-421

Personal Capitalism and Corporate Governance: British Manufacturing in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 421-424

Mine Towns: Buildings for Workers in Michigan's Copper Country (review)

pp. 424-427

Brazil's Steel City: Developmentalism, Strategic Power, and Industrial Relations in Volta Redonda, 1941-1964 (review)

pp. 427-429

The Political Economy of the World Bank: The Early Years (review)

pp. 429-432

Making, Selling and Wearing Boys' Clothes in Late-Victorian England (review)

pp. 432-435

Electronic Value Exchange: Origins of the VISA Electronic Payment System (review)

pp. 435-438

A Joint Enterprise: Indian Elites and the Making of British Bombay (review)

pp. 438-440

Brand Society: How Brands Transform Management and Lifestyle (review)

pp. 440-442

Beauty Imagined: A History of the Global Beauty Industry (review)

pp. 442-444

So Great a Proffit: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism (review)

pp. 445-447

Negotiating Paradise: U.S. Tourism and Empire in Twentieth-Century Latin America (review)

pp. 447-449

Global Electrification: Multinational Enterprise and International Finance in the History of Light and Power, 1878-2007 (review)

pp. 449-451

Before and beyond Divergence, the Politics of Economic Change in China and Europe (review)

pp. 451-454