restricted access   Volume 38, Number 3, Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Polish Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography

pp. 349-360

Russian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography

pp. 361-372

Sport in the Czech and Slovak Republics and the Former Czechoslovakia and the Challenge of Its Historiography

pp. 373-385

Yugoslavian Sport and the Challenges of Its Recent Historiography

pp. 387-395

Mapping Sport History and the History of Sport in Europe

pp. 397-405


Reading the Funeral Rite: A Cultural Analysis of the Funeral Ceremonials and Burial of Selected Leading Sportsmen in Victorian England, 1864–1888.

pp. 407-424

“I Never Was a Champion at Anything”: Theodore Roosevelt’s Complex and Contradictory Record as America’s “Sports President”

pp. 425-446

Fuzzy Memories: College Mascots and the Struggle to Find Appropriate Legacies of the Civil War

pp. 447-463

The Test of Time

Robert Edelman’s Serious Fun and the History and Historiography of Soviet Sport

pp. 465-473

Sources and Methods

86° 10′ 54″ W, 39° 46′ 1″ N: Using Geographic Information Systems to Document Historic Sporting Landscapes

pp. 475-487

Film Museum, and Media Reviews

The Fab Five (2010) (review)

pp. 489-491

Book Reviews

“Turnvater” Jahn und sein patriotisches Umfeld. Briefe und Dokumente 1806 – 1812 (review)

pp. 493-494

There You Have It: The Life, Legacy, and Legend of Howard Cosell (review)

pp. 495-496

Baseball and Rhetorics of Purity: The National Pastime and American Identity during the War on Terror (review)

pp. 496-497

In Search of Running Rein: The Amazing Fraud of the 1844 Derby (review)

pp. 498-499

Race, Sport and Politics: The Sporting Black Diaspora (review)

pp. 500-501

Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Six Minor Leaguers in Search of the Baseball Dream (review)

pp. 501-502

Seeing Stars: Sports Celebrity, Identity, and Body Culture in Modern Japan (review)

pp. 503-504

Bird at the Buzzer: UConn, Notre Dame, and a Women’s Basketball Classic (review)

pp. 505-506

The Lost Century of American Football: Reports from the Birth of the Game (review)

pp. 506-507

Canada’s Game: Hockey and Identity (review)

pp. 507-508

Sports and Recreation. Vol. 16 of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (review)

pp. 509-510

Greek Athletics (review)

pp. 511-512

Handbuch Sportgeschichte (review)

pp. 512-514

The Changing Face of Cricket: From Imperial to Global Game (review)

pp. 514-516

Benching Jim Crow: The Rise and Fall of the Color Line in Southern College Sports, 1890–1980 (review)

pp. 516-518

Sport and the Military: The British Armed Forces, 1880–1960 (review)

pp. 518-519

Primo Carnera: The Life and Career of the Heavyweight Boxing Champion (review)

pp. 520-521

Frantic Francis: How One Coach’s Madness Changed Football (review)

pp. 521-522

Learning Culture through Sports: Perspectives on Society and Organized Sports (review)

pp. 523-524

The Big O: My Life, My Times, My Game (review)

pp. 524-526

Pilgrims of the Vertical (review)

pp. 526-528

Sporting Heroes of the North (review)

pp. 528-530

Inverting the Pyramid: A History of Football Tactics (review)

pp. 530-531