restricted access   Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

pp. v-vi

Narrative Symposium: Living Organ Donation


Living Organ Donors’ Stories: (Unmet) Expectations about Informed Consent, Outcomes, and Care

pp. 1-6

Personal Narratives

Living Organ Donation

pp. 7-37

An Altruistic Living Donor’s Story

pp. 7-10

Surgery for the Soul

pp. 10-11

Kidney Donation Story

pp. 11-14

The Essence of Giving—A Transplant Story

pp. 14-17

Love—the Risk Worth Taking

pp. 17-19

My Donation Journey

pp. 19-21

A Life For A Life: My Gift To My Dad

pp. 21-24

Lessons Learned: The Realities of Living Organ Donation

pp. 24-26

Sarah’s List Exchange Experience

pp. 26-29

Accelerated Living Donation

pp. 29-31

Liver Donor Nightmare

pp. 31-34

Adrift After Donation

pp. 34-37

Personal Narratives: Living Organ Donation (Web Only Content)

Getting Our Child Off Dialysis

p. E1

A Living Donor’s Journey

pp. E2-E6

The Spare Kidney

pp. E6-E9

Living Donors are People Too

pp. E9-E11

The Gift of Life—Walking by Faith

pp. E11-E14

Journey of an Altruistic, Non–designated Living Donor

pp. E14-E16


Gifts and Obligations: The Living Donor as Storyteller

pp. 39-44

Experiences of the Live Organ Donor: Lessons Learned Pave the Future

pp. 45-54

Research Article

Investigating a Rural Immersion Experience in Medical Education Utilizing Narrative Inquiry

pp. 55-64

Narrative Education Report

Healing the Physician’s Story: A Case Study in Narrative Medicine and End–of–Life Care

pp. 65-72