restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, Summer 2012 (T214)

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From: TDR: The Drama Review

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Bazoocam 4'33"

pp. 2-3


Reality Enchanted, Contact Mediated: A Story of Gob Squad

pp. 8-33

"Finland Is Dead, Dead, Dead": Ethics and National Identity in Kristian Smeds's The Unknown Soldier

pp. 34-55

"What Was the War Like?": Experiencing Surrender; Talking with Josh Fox

pp. 56-80

Ethnic Identity and Anti-Semitism: Tadeusz Słobodzianek Stages the Polish Taboo

pp. 81-100

Theatre's Heterotopia and the Site-Specific Production of Suitcase

pp. 101-112

The Market, Ideology, and Convention: Jingju Performers' Creativity in the 21st Century

pp. 131-151

"Brand China" on the World Stage: Jingju, the Olympics, and Globalization

pp. 113-130

Making Politics Serve Music: Yu Huiyong, Composer and Minister of Culture

pp. 152-168

Still the Best Medicine, Even in a War Zone: My Work As a Medical Clown

pp. 169-177

Critical Acts

Performance Art at the (Virginia) Margins: Anthony Restivo's Far Off and All Aflame

pp. 178-184

An Invitation to Pillage: Witness Relocation's Heaven on Earth

pp. 184-190

Art Is Magic/It Cannot Succeed: Christoph Schlingensief's Via Intolleranza II

pp. 191-197


Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet (review)

pp. 198-203

Little Did I Know: Excerpts from Memory (review)

pp. 203-205

Theatres of the Troubles: Theatre, Resistance and Liberation in Ireland (review)

pp. 205-207

Grotowski's Empty Room (review)

pp. 207-209

Theatre Histories: An Introduction. 2nd Edition, and: The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Historiography, and: Representing the Past: Essays in Performance Historiography (review)

pp. 209-213

More Books

pp. 213-215