restricted access   Volume 55, Number 2, Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Science and Medicine

High Lactose Tolerance in North Europeans: A Result of Migration, Not In Situ Milk Consumption

pp. 163-174

Empathy Beyond the Conceptual Level: Core Nonspecific Factors of Psychotherapy

pp. 175-182

Mommy, Kiss It and Make It Well: Saliva Reconsidered—Some Reflections on Alloantisepsis

pp. 183-185

Ethics and Philosophy

Patients and Borders, Money and Mission: Responding to Medically Needy Persons from Other Countries Who Lack Financial Resources

pp. 186-200

Pregnancy as a Harm?

pp. 201-217

History and Biography

Homage to Henry Beecher (1904-1976)

pp. 218-229

Apollo, Sudden Death, and Homer's "Odyssey": A Warning from the Past that We May Be Unable to Eradicate Coronary Artery Disease

pp. 230-235

Earl Sutherland (1915-1975) and the Discovery of Cyclic AMP

pp. 236-249

Medical Education and Practice

Should Direct-to-Consumer Personalized Genomic Medicine Remain Unregulated?: A Rebuttal of the Defenses

pp. 250-265

Reconsidering Detached Concern: The Case of Intensive-Care Nurses

pp. 266-282

Clinical Expertise and the Limits of Explicit Knowledge

pp. 283-290

Do No Harm: A Case in Point

pp. 291-298

Culture and Society

Chinese Medical Ward: An American's Observations

pp. 299-317