restricted access   Volume 13, Number 2, Spring 2012 (New Series)

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From the Editors

An Interview with Geoffrey A. Hosking

pp. 257-264


The Representation of Dynasty and "Fundamental Laws" in the Evolution of Russian Monarchy

pp. 265-300

Ukrainophile Activism and Imperial Governance in Russia's Southwestern Borderlands

pp. 301-326

Metropole, Colony, and Imperial Citizenship in the Russian Empire

pp. 327-364

"Simplistic, Pseudosocialist Racism": Debates over the Direction of Soviet Ideology within Stalin's Creative Intelligentsia, 1936-39

pp. 365-393

Valedictorians of the Soviet School: Professionalization and the Impact of War in Soviet Chess

pp. 395-418

Forum: Empire, Nation, and Society in the Work of Geoffrey Hosking

Nation and Empire: Reflections in the Margins of Geoffrey Hosking's Book

pp. 419-428

Rulers and Victims Reconsidered: Geoffrey Hosking and the Russians of the Soviet Union

pp. 429-440

Stalinism as a Totalitarian Society: Geoffrey Hosking's Socio-Cultural History

pp. 441-452

"The Communal Experience": The Role of Groups in Geoffrey Hosking's Understanding of Russian Society

pp. 453-458


pp. 459-465


p. 466


Gomel´skaia zemlia v kontse XV-pervoi polovine XVI v.:Territorial´nye transformatsii v pogranichnom regione (The Gomel´ Land in the Late 15th and First Half of the 16th Centuries: Territorial Transformation in a Border Region), and: "Vdovstvuiushchee tsarstvo": Politicheskii krizis v Rossii 30-40-kh godov XVI veka ("The Widowed Kingdom": The Political Crisis in Russia during the 1530s and 1540s) (review)

pp. 467-475

V poiskakh "Bezgreshnykh katakomb": Tserkovnoe podpol´e v SSSR (In Search of "Sinless Catacombs": The Church Underground in the USSR) (review)

pp. 476-490

Poliuvannia na Val´dshnepa: Rozsekrechenyi Mykola Khvyl´ovyi (Hunting for "Woodcock": Mykola Khvyl´ovyi Declassified) (review)

pp. 491-500

Chastnaia zhizn´ pri sozializme: Otchet sovetskogo obyvatelia(Private Life under Socialism: The Account of an Ordinary Soviet Person), and: V gorode M: Ocherki politicheskoi povsednevnosti sovetskoi provintsii v 40-50-kh gg. (In the Town of M: Essays on Everyday Political Life in the Soviet Provinces in the 1940s and 1950s) (review)

pp. 501-505

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 506-507