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La Spoliatio Aegyptiorum (Exode 3:21-23; 11:2-3; 12:35-36): Les interprétations de cette image chez les pères et autres écrivains ecclésiastiques

pp. 1-48

Judaism: From Heresy to Pharisee in Early Medieval Christian Literature

pp. 49-66

Origen, Plato, and Conscience (Synderesis) in Jerome's Ezekiel Commentary

pp. 67-83

Macarius Magnes, ΑΠΟΚΡΙΤΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ: Ein Bislang Unbeachtetes Exzerpt

pp. 85-127

Venantius Fortunatus's Life of Saint Martin

pp. 129-187

A Lost Mozarabic Liturgical Manuscript Rediscovered: New York, Hispanic Society of America, B2916, Olim Toledo, Biblioteca Capitular, 33.2

pp. 189-215

1277 and All That — Students and Disputations

pp. 217-238

Walter Burley über das Vorwissen des Schlusswissens. Eine provisorische Edition von Prolog und Kap. 1 der Expositio super librum Posteriorum

pp. 239-288

Some Points of Contention in Medieval Trinitarian Theology: The Case of Durandus of Saint-Pourçain in the Early Fourteenth Century

pp. 289-315

Scholasticism and New Philology: Giles of Viterbo, O. E. S. A. (1469-1532), on Divine Generation

pp. 317-340