restricted access   Volume 49, Number 2, 2012

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Comparative Perspectives on the Black Atlantic

Guest Editors: Jossianna Arroyo and Elizabeth A. Marchant


pp. 163-166


"We Never Could Understand Why the Black Man Did Not Come to Us": Early African-Amerindian Subjectivities in Miguel Cabello Balboa’s Verdadera Descripción De La Provincia De Esmeraldas (1583)

pp. 167-185

The Ship, the Plantation, and the Polis: Reading Gilroy and Glissant as Moral Philosophy

pp. 186-209

Songs and Intellectuals: The Musical Projects of Alain Locke, Alejo Carpentier, and Mário de Andrade

pp. 210-226

From Underworld to Avant-Garde: Art and Criminology in Cuba and Brazil

pp. 227-245

Other Atlantics: Cape Verde, Chiquinho, and the Black Atlantic World

pp. 246-264

Beyond Discontent: National and Diasporic Imaginings in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Women’s Writing

pp. 265-282

The Black Atlantic as Dystopia: Bernardine Evaristo’s Blonde Roots

pp. 283-297

Book Reviews

Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary (review)

pp. 298-300

Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780–1890 (review)

pp. 301-302

Elusive Origins: The Enlightenment in the Modern Caribbean Historical Imagination (review)

pp. 303-305

The Spread of Novels: Translations and Prose Fiction in the Eighteenth Century (review)

pp. 306-309

Baroque New Worlds: Representation, Transculturation, Counterconquest (review)

pp. 309-311

The Theater of Truth: The Ideology of (Neo)Baroque Aesthetics (review)

pp. 311-314

Creole Subjects in the Colonial Americas: Empires, Texts, Identities (review)

pp. 314-317

Migrant Sites: America, Place, and Diaspora Literatures (review)

pp. 317-320



pp. 321-325