restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, May 2012

Table of Contents


pp. iii-v


Lost in Translation: Climate Denial and the Return of the Political

pp. 1-8

A General Theory of Climate Denial

pp. 9-17

Politicizing Environmental Science Does Not Mean Denying Climate Science Nor Endorsing It Without Question

pp. 18-23

Research Articles

Moving Forward in the Climate Negotiations: Multilateralism or Minilateralism?

pp. 24-42

Understanding the Paradoxes of Multilevel Governing: Climate Change Policy in the European Union

pp. 43-66

EU Climate and Energy Policy: A Hesitant Supranational Turn?

pp. 67-86

Climate Challenges, Ecological Modernization, and Technological Forcing: Policy Lessons from a Comparative US-EU Analysis

pp. 87-109

Book Review Essay

It's About Development, Stupid!International Climate Policy in a Changing World

pp. 110-115

Book Reviews

Human Rights and Environmental Sustainability (review)

pp. 116-117

The New Scramble for Africa (review)

pp. 117-119

Global Commodity Governance: State Responses to Sustainable Forest and Fisheries Certification (review)

pp. 120-122