restricted access   Volume 30, Number 2, June 2012

Table of Contents


Ecological Beauty, In the Eye of the Beholder

pp. 91-92


The New European Biodiversity Strategy: A Challenge to the Restoration Community!

pp. 93-94


Connecting Communities for Ecological Restoration

p. 95


Investing in Natural Infrastructure: Restoring Watershed Resilience and Capacity in the Face of a Changing Climate

pp. 96-98

Restoration Notes

American Chestnut Establishment Techniques on Reclaimed Appalachian Surface Mined Lands

pp. 99-101

Cold Hardiness in Wyoming Big Sagebrush Seedlings: Implications for Nursery Production and Outplanting

pp. 101-102

Passive Restoration Potential of Riparian Areas Invaded by Giant Reed (Arundo donax) in Texas

pp. 103-105


Biotic and Abiotic Effects of Remnant and Restoration Soils on the Performance of Tallgrass Prairie Species

pp. 106-115

Feathering the Scene: The Effects of Ecological Restoration on Birds and the Role Birds Play in Evaluating Restoration Outcomes

pp. 116-127

Control of Hardwood Regeneration in Restored Carolina Bay Depression Wetlands

pp. 128-135

Comparative Seed Heat Tolerances Among Native and Non-indigenous Invasive Grassland Species

pp. 136-142


pp. 143-150

Book Reviews

Repeat Photography: Methods and Applications in the Natural Sciences (review)

pp. 150-151

Landscapes and Hydrology of the Predrainage Everglades (review)

pp. 151-153

Recently Received Titles

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