restricted access   Volume 84, Number 1, February 2008

Table of Contents


Making Markets for Development Rights Work: What Determines Demand?

pp. 1-16

Do Landowners Respond to Land Retirement Incentives?: Evidence from the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

pp. 17-30

Is Water Policy Limiting Residential Growth?: Evidence from California

pp. 31-50

On the Link Between Urban Form and Automobile Use: Evidence from German Survey Data

pp. 51-65

Will Farmers Trade Profits for Stewardship?: Heterogeneous Motivations for Farm Practice Selection

pp. 66-82

Rainfall Shocks, Resilience, and the Effects of Crop Biodiversity on Agroecosystem Productivity

pp. 83-96

Voluntary Agreements with Industries: Participation Incentives with Industry-Wide Targets

pp. 97-114

Decoy Effects in Choice Experiments and Contingent Valuation: Asymmetric Dominance

pp. 115-127

How Can We Reduce the Errors from Benefits Transfer?: An Investigation Using the Choice Experiment Method

pp. 128-147

Poverty and the Environment: Exploring the Relationship Between Household Incomes, Private Assets, and Natural Assets

pp. 148-167

Books Received

Books Received

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