restricted access   Volume 20, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2012

Table of Contents

Special Dossier

Affect Theory

Affect Theory Dossier: An Introduction

pp. 3-18

Following Generation

pp. 19-33

Skin, Flesh, and the Affective Wrinkles of Civil Rights Photography

pp. 35-69

Affect in the End Times: A Conversation with Lauren Berlant

pp. 71-89

A Nice, Clean Space for a Panic Attack: Notes for Cara Benedetto

pp. 91-93

Body Bags

pp. 95-100

Considering the Desire to Mark Our Buried Nuclear Waste: Into Eternity and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

pp. 101-125

Unctuous: Resentment in David Copperfield

pp. 127-150

Hate as a Passion of Being

pp. 151-182


Versographies by Dmitri Prigov: Introduction

pp. 183-188

Versographies: A Selection

pp. 189-197


Nietzsche’s Cruel Messiah

pp. 199-223

The Career of Living Things Is Continuous: Reflections on Bergson, Iqbal, and Scalia

pp. 225-248

Mining the Tropics: Burton’s Brazil and the History of Empire

pp. 249-278



pp. 279-281

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 283-285