restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, Winter 2011

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From: Dance Research Journal

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Dance and Phenomenology: Critical Reappraisals

Editor's Note: What Is Dead and What Is Alive in Dance Phenomenology?

pp. 1-4


Situated Dancing: Notes from Three Decades in Contact with Phenomenology

pp. 7-18

Foucault's Turn From Phenomenology: Implications for Dance Studies

pp. 19-32

Phenomenology and Dance: Husserlian Meditations

pp. 33-49

Dance and Subtraction: Notes on Alain Badiou's Inaesthetics

pp. 51-64

Of Meanings and Movements: Re-Languaging Embodiment in Dance Phenomenology and Cognition

pp. 65-83

Book Reviews

Closer: Performance, Technologies, Phenomenology (review)

pp. 86-88

Dance and the Nation: Performance, Ritual, and Politics in Sri Lanka (review)

pp. 89-92

Dance in the Renaissance: European Fashion, French Obsession (review)

pp. 92-94

Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance (review)

pp. 94-97

Raising Dust: A Cultural History of Dance in Palestine (review)

pp. 97-101

Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy (review)

pp. 101-104

Reworking the Ballet: Counter-Narratives and Alternative Bodies (review)

pp. 104-106

Stravinsky Dances: Re-Visions across a Century (review)

pp. 106-109

Worlding Dance (review)

pp. 109-112

Conference Report

Kinesthetic Empathy: Concepts and Contexts, University of Manchester, England, April 22-23, 2010

pp. 114-117

Letters to the Editor

p. 120

Books Received

p. 121