restricted access   Volume 125, Number 496, Spring 2012

Table of Contents


Legends of Hurricane Katrina: The Right to Be Wrong, Survivor-to-Survivor Storytelling, and Healing

pp. 139-176

Obama as Anti-American: Visual Folklore in Right-Wing Forwarded E-mails and Construction of Conservative Social Identity

pp. 177-203

Expressive Depths: Dialogic Performance of Bridal Lamentation in Rural South China

pp. 204-225

Creative Writing

On Witold Masznicz’s Spadająca Gwiazda (Falling Star)

pp. 226-233


William Stetson Kennedy (1916–2011)

pp. 234-235

Sound Review

Snooks Eaglin: New Orleans Street Singer (review)

pp. 236-239

Film Reviews

Religulous (review)

pp. 240-241

To You Sweetheart, Aloha (review)

pp. 242-243

Book Reviews

Grits & Grunts: Folkloric Key West (review)

pp. 244-245

Story: A Handbook (review)

pp. 246-247

Not Quite White: White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness (review)

pp. 248-250

The Greenwood Library of American Folktales (review)

pp. 250-251

Staging Tradition: John Lair and Sarah Gertrude Knott (review)

pp. 252-253

The Marrow of Human Experience: Essays on Folklore (review)

pp. 254-256

Website Review

Ethnographic Video for Instruction & Analysis (EVIA) Digital Archive Project (review)

pp. 257-258

Information About Contributors

pp. 259-260