restricted access   Volume 36, Number 3, Spring 2003

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From: Eighteenth-Century Studies

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Bodies of Type: The Work of Textual Production in English Printers' Manuals

pp. 321-343

Facts and Norms in the Marketplace of Print: John Dunton's Athenian Mercury

pp. 345-365

Louis-Sebastien Mercier's New Words

pp. 367-386

The Enlightenment Literary Market: Rousseau, Authorship, and the Book Trade

pp. 387-410

Exhibition Review

Reconsidering Romney

pp. 411-422

Book Reviews

Theater of the Long Eighteenth Century and Its Cultural Work Revisioned

pp. 423-428

Situating the Careers of Gray and Other British Poets of the Long Eighteenth Century in Their Times: Some Biographical, Historicist, Contextualist, and Formalist Treatments

pp. 429-436

Sensibility and its Contexts: Two Recent Books

pp. 436-441

Encircling Encyclopedias

pp. 441-444

Mail Call: Epistolary Exchanges Explored

pp. 444-449

Speaking Women, Writing Women: Identity and Voice in an Age of Revolution

pp. 449-455

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Work in the Eighteenth Century

pp. 455-459

Goethe's Place in Contemporary Criticism

pp. 459-463

Behind the Lines: Waging War in Eighteenth-Century America

pp. 463-465

Books Received

pp. 467-469