restricted access   Volume 63, Number 2, Winter 2011

Table of Contents


The Practice of Musar

pp. 3-26

He Forbids Her to All: A Linguistic Look at Kiddushin, Part 2

pp. 27-48

Mishnah as the Model for a New Overlapping Consensus

pp. 49-77

Vulnerable God

pp. 78-92

Kabbalistic Aspects of Birkat Kohanim

pp. 93-97

Blue Fringe

Praying on the Beach

pp. 98-99

“Behold I Am Like a Seventy-Year-Old Man . . .”: Madness or Mystery—A Midrash on a Midrash

pp. 100-106

Books in Review

Torah Through a Zionist Vision (review)

pp. 107-108

For Decades I Was Silent: A Holocaust Survivor’s Journey Back to Faith (review)

pp. 109-111

The Natural History of the Bible: An Environmental Exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures (review)

pp. 111-113

Healing from Despair: Choosing Wholeness in a Broken World (review)

pp. 113-114

What the Rabbis Said: The Public Discourse of Nineteenth-Century American Rabbis (review)

pp. 114-117


p. 117