restricted access   53, Winter 2003

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From: Cultural Critique

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Special Issue: Posthumanism

Guest Editor: Bart Simon, Jill Didur, and Teresa Heffernan

Editorial Statement

p. v


Introduction: Toward a Critique of Posthuman Futures

pp. 1-9

Theorizing Posthumanism

pp. 10-27

Back to the Future: The Humanist Matrix

pp. 28-46

Human Remains: Identity Politics in the Face of Biotechnology

pp. 47-71

Data Made Flesh: Biotechnology and the Discourse of the Posthuman

pp. 72-97

Re-embodying Technoscientific Fantasies: Posthumanism, Genetically Modified Foods, and the Colonization of Life

pp. 98-115

Bovine Anxieties, Virgin Births, and the Secret of Life

pp. 116-133

Afterword: The Human in the Posthuman

pp. 134-137

Book Reviews

The Secret Life of Puppets (review)

pp. 141-143

Disciplining Feminism: From Social Activism to Academic Discourse (review)

pp. 144-148

Immigration and the Political Economy of Home: West Indian Brooklyn and American Indian Minneapolis, 1945-1992 (review)

pp. 149-153

Books Received

pp. 154-157


pp. 158-160