restricted access   Volume 83, Number 4, Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Preface: An Account of the Sámi

pp. 479-481


Johan Turi: First Author of the Sámi

pp. 483-490

Encounters to Negotiate a Sámi Ethnography: The Process of Collaborative Representations

pp. 491-518

"The Same Nature as the Reindeer": Johan Turi's Portrayal of Sámi Knowledge

pp. 519-544

Skiing Down the Demon Wolf: Redefinition of the Predator in Johan Turi's Sápmi

pp. 545-572

From the Mountaintops to Writing: Traditional Knowledge and Colonial Forms in Turi's Hybrid Text

pp. 573-590

More than Meets the Eye: The Indigeneity of Johan Turi's Writing and Artwork

pp. 591-608


Report of the President: The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study

pp. 609-614

Financial Report of the Secretary-Treasurer for 2010

pp. 615-618

101st Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study: Chicago, Illinois 28-30 April 2011

pp. 619-641

Index to Volume 83

pp. 643-651