restricted access   Volume 79, Number 1, Winter 2012

Table of Contents

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Hilary Lloyd Yewlett.


Early Modern Migration from the Mid-Wales County of Radnorshire to Southeastern Pennsylvania, with Special Reference to Three Meredith Families

pp. 1-32

“Your Petitioners Are in Need”: Pleasant Hills as a Case Study in Borough Incorporation

pp. 33-48

Saving the Birthplace of the American Revolution: With Introductory Remarks by Patrick Spero and Nathan Kozuskanich

p. 49

The William Smith House: Organizing the Frontier in the Eighteenth and Twenty-First Centuries

pp. 49-56

William Smith and the Impact of the West on American History

pp. 56-58

Saving the Birthplace of the American Revolution

pp. 58-64

Review Essays

Review of the National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia

pp. 65-75

Beyond the Furnace: Concrete, Conservation, and Community in Postindustrial Pittsburgh

pp. 76-82

Book Reviews

David Franks: Colonial Merchant (review)

pp. 83-86

A Town In-Between: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the Early Mid-Atlantic Interior (review)

pp. 86-88

Race and Renaissance: African Americans in Pittsburgh since World War II (review)

pp. 88-91

Imagining Philadelphia: Edmund Bacon and the Future of the City (review)

pp. 92-94


pp. 95-96


pp. 97-98

Index–Volume 78

pp. 99-116