restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, Summer 2012

Table of Contents

SPECIAL SECTION: The 1948 War as Witnessed by Photographers and a Poet

Portrait of Haifa in 1948: The Poet, the Bay and the Mountain

pp. 1-24

Miracles and Snow in Palestine and Israel: Tantura, a History of 1948

pp. 25-61

Photography, Memory, and Ethnic Cleansing: The Fate of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, 1948—John Phillips’ Pictorial Record

pp. 62-76

SPECIAL SECTION: Roundtable on Loyalty and Criticism in the Relations between World Jewry and Israel

Loyalty and Criticism in the Relations Between World Jewry and Israel

pp. 77-85

Diaspora-Israel Relations: A Long-Term Perspective

pp. 86-91

Loyalty and Love of Israel by Diasporan Jews

pp. 92-101

From a Jewish People to a Jewish Religion: A Shifting American Jewish Weltanschauung and Its Implications for Israel

pp. 102-110

On Gabriel Sheffer’s “Loyalty and Criticism in the Relations Between World Jewry and Israel”

pp. 111-119

Orthodox and Other American Jews and their Attitude to the State of Israel

pp. 120-128


From “Crime of Passion” to “Love Does Not Kill”: The Murder of Einav Rogel and the Role of Na’amat Women’s Organization in the Construction of Violence Against Women in Israel

pp. 129-155

Zionist Dialectics

Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People and the End of the New History

pp. 156-168


pp. 169-171