Volume 3, Number 1, February 2003

Table of Contents

From: Global Environmental Politics

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  World Summit on Sustainable Development: Toward a Post-Jo'Burg Environmentalism

pp. 1-10

  Understanding Policy Change in Developing Countries: The Spheres of Influence Framework

pp. 11-32

Research Articles

  Principles for Sustainability: From Cooperation and Efficiency to Sufficiency

pp. 33-50

  Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward: Societal Capacity and Israel's Implementation of the Barcelona Convention and the Mediterranean Action Plan

pp. 51-71

  Implementing International Agreements in Russia: Lessons from Fisheries Management, Nuclear Safety and Air Pollution Control

pp. 72-98

  Toward Renewed Legitimacy? Nuclear Power, Global Warming, and Security

pp. 99-116

Book Review Essays

  Consuming Ecologies: Emergent Environmental Studies

pp. 117-124

  Environment and Sociology: The State of the Debate

pp. 125-142

Book Reviews

  The Institutional Dimensions of Environmental Change: Fit, Interplay, Scale (review)

pp. 143-144

  Environment and Statecraft: The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-Making (review)

pp. 145-147

  The Drama of the Commons (review)

pp. 148-150


pp. iii-iv