restricted access   Volume 90, Number 2, December 2011

Table of Contents


Social Forces Tomorrow

pp. 345-347

Social Stratification

Power, Revisited

pp. 349-374

Cohort Change and Racial Differences in Educational and Income Mobility

pp. 375-395

The Unequal Burden of Weight Gain: An Intersectional Approach to Understanding Social Disparities in BMI Trajectories from 1986 to 2001/2002

pp. 397-423

Social Movements

Movements, Markets and Fields: The Effects of Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns on U.S. Firms, 1993–2000

pp. 425-451

Understanding Activist Leadership Effort in the Movement Opposing Drinking and Driving

pp. 453-473

Subsidizing the Cost of Collective Action: International Organizations and Protest among Polish Farmers during Democratic Transition

pp. 475-495


Adoption? Adaptation?: Evaluating the Formation of Educational Expectations

pp. 497-520

The Complexity of Non-Completion: Being Pushed or Pulled to Drop Out of High School

pp. 521-545

Student-Centeredness in Social Science Textbooks, 1970–2008: A Cross-National Study

pp. 547-570

Intergenerational Family Relationships

Intergenerational Ties in Context: Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren in China

pp. 571-594

Family Events and the Timing of Intergenerational Transfers

pp. 595-616

Social Relations

(Re)Integrating Simmel in Contemporary Social Exchange: The Effect of Nonpartisans on Relational Outcomes

pp. 617-637

A Theoretical Model and New Test of Managerial Legitimacy in Work Teams

pp. 639-659


Development and the Urban and Rural Geography of Mexican Emigration to the United States

pp. 661-683