restricted access   Volume 85, Number 1, Winter 2012

Table of Contents


Sentiments of Disdain and Practices of Distinction: Boundary-Work, Subjectivity, and Value in the Hindi Film Industry

pp. 5-43

The Muhannad Effect: Media Panic, Melodrama, and the Arab Female Gaze

pp. 45-77

The Popular Culture of Illegality: Crime and the Politics of Aesthetics in Urban Jamaica

pp. 79-102

The Return to the Family: Welfare, State, and Politics of the Family in Turkey

pp. 103-140

Kidnapping Women: Discourses of Emotion and Social Change in the Kyrgyz Republic

pp. 141-169

The Reconstitution of Property Relations in New Zealand Fisheries

pp. 171-201

Social Thought and Commentary

The Culture of Capitalism and the Crisis of Critique

pp. 203-227

Hot and Cold Politics of Indigenous Identity: Legal Indians, Cannibals, Words, More Words, More Food

pp. 229-256

New Release Book Reviews

Settling Scores: Claiming Ground for Native and Indigenous Critique in the Americas

pp. 257-272

Ecologies of Comparison: An Ethnography of Endangerment in Hong Kong (review)

pp. 273-275

I Say to You: Ethnic Politics and the Kalenjin in Kenya (review)

pp. 277-282

The Accompaniment: Assembling the Contemporary (review)

pp. 283-292

Book Reviews

So Much Wasted: Hunger, Performance, and the Morbidity of Resistance (review)

pp. 293-296

Policing Methamphetamine: Narcopolitics in Rural America (review)

pp. 297-300

The Perils of Belonging: Autochthony, Citizenship, and Exclusion in Africa and Europe (review)

pp. 301-305

She’s Mad Real: Popular Culture and West Indian Girls in Brooklyn (review)

pp. 307-309